Who can apply?

The Connect Fund will continue to support social investment intermediaries, voluntary sector infrastructure organisations, membership bodies and other sector, place or equalities networks.

The Connect Fund is not intended for frontline charities or social enterprises working directly with beneficiaries.

The Connect Fund will make selected “follow on” grants and investments based on identified priorities for social investment market infrastructure. This funding will focus on collaborative solutions to develop a market that champions the social sector and supports mission.

The Connect Fund will use learning from existing grantee projects and input from sector stakeholders to determine priorities for funding. These priorities will be rooted in evaluation and feedback.

New projects will be considered to fill ongoing gaps in market architecture, drive product innovation and bring new voices to open social investment to a wider audience.

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Application Process

The Connect Fund will follow the Barrow Cadbury Trust method of working in partnership with grantees and sector stakeholders to identify key areas for further support. The Fund will not hold further time-limited open calls for funding.

If you have a proposal, please email us with a short description of your initiative, or to hold an informal discussion. We may then ask you to complete an online expression of interest form.

Final decisions take place at the Barrow Cadbury Trust Investment Management Committee meetings, held quarterly. Successful grantees commit to be part of the Connect Fund Learning Community.


Read funding guidelines


Complete EoI
enquiry form


Selected applicants are asked to submit full application


Final decision made at Investment Management Committee

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