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Project: Equality Impact Investing Project

Grant: £30,000

This project aims to advance and extend the work of the Equality Impact Investing Project (EIIP). The EIIP aims to increase the positive equality impact of social investment. Over the last 18 months the project has codified, defined standards for, and pioneered the new field of equality impact investing (EII). EIIP has built the evidence base, relationships and working foundations for a range of projects and activities, to now grow and embed this field in UK social investment.

The EIIP project is a collaborative initiative that brings together equality and social impact investment actors. The first phase of the project, funded by the Connect Fund, engaged in research, dialogue and development with these sectors to scope and deliver a report. The report defined EII, assessed the extent of its use in the UK, set out recommendations to build the EII market.

The next phase of the EIIP will focus on three priorities: 1. Promoting EII report recommendations and embedding the learning; 2. Supporting delivery of priority and short term recommendations; 3. Reviewing and strengthening EIIP’s own status, governance and business model to ensure they are fit for purpose and sustainable.

The project will enhance awareness, understanding and engagement with the findings and recommendations of the EII report by a wider range of UK social investment and equality stakeholders. There will be increased co-ordination and collaboration within and across the respective social investment and equalities sectors in advancing EII. EIIP should also increase the capacity of policy-makers, market-builders and investors to adopt EII strategies and initiatives. Ultimately the EIIP seeks a strengthened and sustainable initiative capable of supporting and embedding of EII in social impact investment.