An Impression of 'Losing Control'

An Impression of ‘Losing Control’

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SIMPL (Social Investment Market Place Links) is a joint initiative across three infrastructure organisations, and supported by the Connect Fund, to create a viable and vibrant market for social finance in Exeter and Devon.

On 1st and 2nd May 2019 SIMPL and partners hosted the event ‘Losing Control with Funding & Social Finance….: it’s SIMPL!’ in Plymouth.

You can check a summary of the day with key messages through a collection of photos. For those who attended and want to refresh what occurred and for those that couldn’t make it but want to get a flavour of this event.

You can also listen to a series of engaging podcasts from the event. Each podcast delves into – Exploring the New World: practical insights for funding, commissioning and managing in complexity. Generating new knowledge and learning about how investors, grant makers, commissioners and philanthropists can work together and with potential VCSE providers to create a collaborative-by-design system of finance.