Equality Impact Investing Report - From Principles to Practice

Equality Impact Investing Report – From Principles to Practice

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Supported by the Connect Fund, the Equality Impact Investing project aims to explore and advance ways to increase the positive equality impact of the social impact investing (SII) movement. Initiated in 2016 and then hosted by the Dartington Hall Trust, the EII project is currently hosted by the Social Investment Business.

The Equality Impact Investing project was created to explore and maximise the potential of the SII movement to advance equality and tackle inequality. Bringing together partners and collaborators from both SII and equality and human rights, the report is its inaugural publication.

The report explores three elements. Firstly, it defines equality impacting investing, what it implies and involves, both in theory and in practice, and what conditions help it to flourish. Secondly, it assesses the extent that these conditions exist, and that EII approaches are being used in UK social investment. In particular, but not exclusively, assessing if Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations with an equality focus are, or could be, benefiting. Thirdly, it makes recommendations on how conditions for a flourishing EII market could be advanced generally, and how the VCSE equality sector could be better engaged.

You can read the abridged report here, and the full report here.

Visit the Equality Impact Investing website for more details about the project.


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