Social Investments

Latest Funding

The Connect Fund provides patient and flexible finance to support early stage ideas, product innovation and new business development for social investment intermediaries in England. Our first social investment was made in November 2018.

Total amount invested £100k

Total of social investments made 1

Types of Investment

Small Feasibility Grant

A small grant to scope an idea, test the market, and produce a robust business plan with financial projections.

Convertible Loan Note (Equity)

A zero-interest loan with an option to repay or convert to equity within a specified period of time.


Repayable Facility

An upfront zero-interest loan repayable on success with a negotiated matched funding requirement.

Revenue Share Agreement

Funding that is partially repayable based on revenue performance of the proposed enterprise.

Social Investments completed

Business Development

Business Development

Investment: £100,000

This investment, in the form of a Covertible Loan Note, is the first Connect Fund investment to test the provision of patient capital to improve the social investment market in England. As a demonstration investment, it could help to unlock additional equity or equity-like finance to support and develop sustainable business models that will fill missing gaps in the market.

Singlify will improve the effectiveness, transparency and efficiency of social investors through the provision of cost-effective, “off the shelf” investment management software, designed to meet the specific needs of social investment intermediaries. The business will fill a key gap in market infrastructure that has been identified by a feasibility study funded by the Connect Fund and carried out by Homeless Link.

This investment provides working capital funds so social business “Singlify” can develop a Salesforce-based software product to allow social investment intermediaries to better manage social investment portfolios. This opportunity was incubated by Homeless Link, and is now incorporated as an independent private limited company.