Funded Work

Current Funding

We currently have four funding programmes.

You can find a list of the grants awarded under these programmes on our current funding page.

Previous Funding

Round 1

The Connect Fund provided grants to social investors, advisors, interest groups and networks active in the social investment sector in England to develop shared initiatives to address gaps in the infrastructure of the social investment market.

Round 2

The Connect Fund provided grants to voluntary sector infrastructure organisations, membership bodies, councils for voluntary services, networks and community foundations in England to enable the development of shared approaches to engage with social investment.

In year 3

The Connect Fund had two funding strands:

  • The Building Infrastructure Fund (BIF) provided follow-on funding to existing grantees to develop and embed new methods to engage VCSEs with social investment.
  • The Enterprising Ideas Fund (EIF) supported social investment intermediaries providing flexible finance to catalyse new business ideas, either through feasibility study grants or social investment.

In year 4

Following the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Connect Fund continued to support projects seeking to increase the Equality & Diversity of the social investment market, and in addition operated two temporary funding programmes:

  • The Business Support Development Programme supported projects that prepared infrastructure organisations to provide appropriate business support into the recovery phase and furthered our understanding about what the sector needed to adapt and be resilient to future shocks.
  • The Flexible Finance for the Recovery Programme gathered ideas and solutions to aid the development of Access’ £18m+ Flexible Finance for the Recovery programme, offering development grants for fund managers to develop new patient and flexible forms of finance to support the sector through the recovery.

Read our interim learning report to find out about the Connect Fund’s progress towards its aim of strengthening the social investment market and the views of our grantees  View report.

To find more details of the grants awarded under these rounds, go to our previous funding page.

Regional Spread

Regional Spread of Projects

Map of all Projects

Previous Themes

Business Development

Business Development

9 grants & 1 social investment
£214,900 awarded

Supporting innovation, new products and regions

Business Development

Business Support Development

8 grants, £303,300

Strengthening business support into the recovery phase

Business Development

capacity building

13 grants  |  £712,670 awarded

Enterprise development for financial resilience

Business Development


13 grants  |  £482,235 awarded

Bringing new voices to the sector

Business Development

data sharing

3 grants  |  £90,000 awarded

Improving transparency in the market

Business Development

Flexible Finance for the Recovery

4 grants  |  £77,500 awarded

Developing new patient and flexible capital

Business Development

market information

5 grants  |  £183,000 awarded

Fostering feedback and knowledge exchange

Business Development

skills development

11 grants  |  £385,960 awarded

Connecting the voluntary sector to social investment

Business Development

standards & templates

2 grants  |  £85,000 awarded

Building common norms for quality and growth

Business Development


16 grants  |  £530,597 awarded

Strengthening advocacy, learning and best practice