Pioneers Post

Pioneers Post

Project: Pioneers Post Enterprise Development Project

Grant: £30,000

Pioneers Post offers a trusted, independent source of news and information about policy and practice in the sector, which is needed as the market grows. Through its content partnerships it is also able to share opportunities, experiences and knowledge with a wider audience. In order to sustain this work, PP needs to strengthen its current business model to ensure it generates income to support the delivery of its journalistic content.

Over the next year, PP will look to improve the offer to its readership and develop a more sustainable business model, with stronger governance. This will be achieved by carrying out a customer survey to gather intelligence on the content mix; online user experience; and partnership and subscription offers, including price point and preferred delivery format, whether that be digital, print or app form. The PP team will then refine its delivery model and develop a business plan to support its offer and ensure a more stable and sustainable approach to growing both revenue and impact.  The CEO and Partnership Manager, with support from an external consultant, will also review the governance structure for PP to determine what changes can be put in place to strengthen PP and ensure it is resilient enough to take on longer-term investment as required.

The changes PP will make as a result of this project will increase its financial sustainability, ensuring that the social enterprise and social investment sector has an ongoing and trusted resource providing news, information and an opportunity to promote their work, building the case for supporting social enterprise more broadly. PP is also looking to create a better user experience for its key audiences, but focusing and tailoring content to better the respond to the needs of the sector. The improve content and financial position will help PP’s increase its reach and provide learning for a greater number of social enterprises, social investors and mission-driven businesses.