Investing for Equality: A Fresh Diagnostic Toolkit to Transform Impact Investing

Investing for Equality: A Fresh Diagnostic Toolkit to Transform Impact Investing

We’re excited to spotlight a new Equality Transformative Tool led by our partner, the Social Tech Trust. As an organisation deeply embedded in the impact investing space, we work with our partners to identify and support new ways in which investment can champion equality and confront the deep-seated causes of systemic inequalities.

In collaboration with the Equality Impact Investing Project, Connect Fund, and nine dynamic social tech ventures, Social Tech Trust has asked a pivotal question: How can impact investors effectively identify and back ventures genuinely focused on promoting equality?

Identifying Traits of Equality Transformative Ventures

From their comprehensive research and consultation, Social Tech Trust has identified three core principles and four practices that encapsulate ventures with transformative potential:


  • Intent: Ventures must proactively and purposefully tackle inequality, appreciating both its root causes and the present system’s constraints.
  • Influence: Ventures should utilise their resources to champion long-term equality, showing unwavering dedication to their mission despite the inherent challenges.
  • Intervention: Ventures should take active steps to counteract the negative cycles of inequality, be it through shifting societal norms, lessening the impact of inequality, or bolstering individuals’ resilience against it.


  • Bringing Voice: Elevating the views of those with lived experiences in moulding strategies and services.
  • Navigating towards Transformation: Harmonising the immediate alleviation of inequalities with a trajectory towards enduring change.
  • Role Modelling Change: Echoing the sought-after change within the venture’s internal operational practices, from governance to staff development.
  • Demonstrating Reflective Practice: Cultivating a culture of ongoing learning and flexibility in their approach to challenging inequalities.

A Toolkit for Impact Investors

The result of this work is a pioneering toolkit and how-to guide. Whether you’re keen to pinpoint seed-stage ventures with transformative promise or wish to refine your portfolio management approach, this toolkit could help as a blueprint towards greater equality.

You can access the Equality Transformative Tool here and the How-to guide here.

Change isn’t an isolated event. It demands collective effort, collaboration, and a unified vision. As Social Tech Trust has recognised; a single venture may not drive systemic change on its own, but each can play a vital role in paving the way for a more equitable world.

If you’d like to find out more about this work and speak to the team at the Social Tech Trust please email: